Bara Marianne egyedi tervezésű kalapok

Bara Marianne
I began making and designing hats fifteen years ago, which was preceded by a lengthy professional search. The fact that I made the right decision is reinforced daily when I sit down to create hats and I am filled with happiness and calm. The process of creation always brings with it thoughts and problems upon which one can continuously build and grow. In my world, I match the classical forms (beret, sailor hat, turban, cloche, toque etc.) with my own fantasy world. Furthermore, I always consider the needs and the requirement of contemporary living: I design hats which are easy to wear, handle and store. My constant example is Coco Chanel, who, after creating a new model would begin to wear the piece therein testing what it is like to live in her own design. A given design is never complete, rather it can be developed over a lifetime. The various age groups, types of women and modes of using a hat all give an exciting challenge. There are those who would like something practical and aesthetic for everyday wear. Others have hats designed for their personality. Finally there are those who seek a hat for a special occasion (wedding, reception, etc.). I have many foreign clients and my knowledge of languages (English, French and German) helps in our dialogue. Besides understanding the past, I try to be up-to-date by following the newest foreign hat designs and the fashion trends. I design unique and limited edition pieces at times creating a matching purse or shawl.